EnGenius Networking with EnMesh

EnGenius is a technologies company that has been in the space since the early 1990’s, specializing in high-power wireless communications and radio frequency.

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UniFi Configuration: Network Overhaul, Part 3

We have made it to Part 3 of our UniFi based smart home network. This is where we get down to ‘brass tacks’ and really get the most out of our setup.

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Dream Machine Pro: Network Overhaul – Part 2

There are benefits to using the Dream Machine Pro. Something more in the enterprise class of network gear opens up a lot more control and power.

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PiHole: Network Overhaul Part 1

This is the first in a series of blog posts walking through my big home network overhaul. In this segment, we will discuss PiHole: what it is, how I set mine up, and why you might want to do something similar. What is PiHole? You may be familiar with ad-block software, or browser extensions that […]

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