Dark Rock Pro 4 by be quiet! – A Towering Cooler

be quiet! gave us the opportunity to review one of their massive coolers, the Dark Rock Pro 4. be quiet! released the Dark Rock Pro 4 in 2018, but it can still handle the latest Intel and AMD processors released. After reviewing various products from be quiet!, they are gradually growing on me. Unboxing the […]

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GAMDIAS CHIONE E1A-120R Liquid Cooler

The CHIONE E1A-120R liquid cooler is great for what it is: a small liquid cooler designed to cool a CPU well and do it with some style.

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Antec P120 Crystal

The Antec P120 Crystal is the latest entry from Antec in their Performance Series cases. Made from tempered glass and rolled steel, with an open design. It is a wet dream for custom liquid cooling enthusiasts. It is sure to look great in nearly any setup.

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