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Logitech G502 Lightspeed Edition: Desperate Times/Acceptable Measures

Let’s talk about the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Edition wireless gaming mouse. Before we get all into the details of why you should buy this wonderful mouse, we need to address how I came to purchase this mouse in the first place. It all starts off with a little irritation that wound up leading to desperate action.

The Backstory – My Gaming Before Logitech’s G502

Now, by no means am I a PC gaming peripheral aficionado. But I have a reasonable expectation for things to work. For some time, I was (dare I say it) a fanboy of certain companies in the PC tech world; namely that of Corsair. I mean, I had almost everything they made, along with multiple keyboards, mice, mouse mats, and PC components. My setup was a Corsair marketing department’s dream. As time went on, my preferences changed. But my reliance on their mice was pretty steadfast (to date, I still own three mice from them).

My taste in gaming was a steady diet of FPS and RPGs; the star of that show was a Corsair M65 Pro “gaming” mouse with adjustable weights… sweet:

Image of Corsair M65 gaming mouse for comparison to Logitech G502 gaming mouse

It was comfortable, accurate, and generally a pleasant experience to use. One day I went to use my scroll wheel to switch out weapons during a match of COD, it glitched. No problem; I chalked it up to a software issue, reloaded the drivers through the iCUE software, and went on about my business.

This problem progressed from being not too frequent, to happening every time I used the damned thing (insert nerd rage). It was not just with games anymore; I couldn’t even use it to scroll down web pages online. The mouse, to me, had become worthless; the fact that I still needed to use it to play games drove me mad. To add insult to injury, the mouse was just out of the 1-year warranty, so I was really screwed. Dude… not cool. 

Solution: the Logitech G502 – A mouse as fast as light

Accessories ship in the box with the Logitech G502: Wireless receiver, Wireless adapter, Charging/data cable, sets of weights to adjust mouse, user documentation

Enter the challenger: the Logitech G502 Lightspeed Edition gaming mouse. I purchased it off of Newegg for $99.99 (US currency), and it arrived promptly in a snazzy box. Now, I had heard some people online sing the praises of this mouse. But of course, I was skeptical, ’cause you know the internet. I had a reasonable idea the mouse would meet my needs; once I had it in my possession, I was immediately shocked.

Not only did the photos on the internet not do it any justice, but the fit and finish were impeccable as well (for damn near a $100, it better be). It had good ergonomics and it offered adjustable weights like my old mouse, which was outstanding. With up to a maximum of 25,600 DPI and an intuitive scale, finding your choice tracking preference will be a snap.

The G502 runs at lightspeed

The Logitech G502 sports a 1ms report rate (even when using the wireless function), a 48-60 hour battery life (depending on if you are using the addressable lighting), and my most favorite part: a super-fast scroll wheel with a lockable clutch. You heard that right. You can run the wheel like a Hotwheels car, or you push a button to activate the clutch and get yourself that telltale “click” for precision scrolling.

I was in heaven. I haven’t been this excited about a mouse since I found out about the RAZR Naga (which I have purchased on three separate occasions). This mouse may not be the end-all do-all of gaming mice, but it sure acts like it wants to be. The G502 has 10 programmable buttons, which should be sufficient for most use cases, but it’s no MMORPG hero. You are able to do this via the Logitech G-HUB software, and tweak some other useful features. If you’re using it for primarily FPS duty, this mouse will serve you well. 

The Little Things: G-HUB

G-HUB has a fairly useful dashboard that lets you integrate your Logitech products to make customizations and changes to your heart’s content. And yes, RGB is present on the device if you are into that sort of thing. Or you have the option to just shut it off. There’s not too much I don’t like about Logitech’s G502, other than I wish it was a little wider and possibly had some heavier weights to trade out (I like heavy mice for some reason).

If you put your computer to sleep, this mouse is sensitive as (insert expletive here); any light tap or nudge will wake your computer. This sucks if you’re the type that doesn’t like constantly putting their PC to sleep more than once.

Final Thoughts on the Logitech G502

If you’re looking for something rather premium with solid software support, RGB customization, and general gaming mouse duties, then the Logitech G502 is for you. Or it may not be (that’s the cool thing about choice). I’m a pretty simple guy. The many extras Logitech has put into creating this thing tell me they have at least listened to some of us in the community; especially if what you wanted was a sweet scrolling wheel.

I can die happy now.

2 responses to “Logitech G502 Lightspeed Edition: Desperate Times/Acceptable Measures”

  1. Den Bover says:

    I used a 502 for a long time and loved it. Than I tried the 604. It fits my hand better, and has better button placement. The six buttons on the side are mapped to different things depending on what games, or app I’m using and Logitechs software automatically switches it for me.

  2. Philo says:

    I have the cable version and I like the mouse very much especially the small pressure needed for left and right click. My biggest problem though is, if I get sweaty hands during my osu! sessions it gets unusable. It rotates counter-clockwise out of my hand. The MX518 is much more suitable there cause it has recesses on both sides where you can grip it with your thumb and little finger. I just wish the other one had that too.

    Also I bought several G502 but didn’t find one with a properly working mouseweel. It’s totally loose and wobbles around while gaming which is super annoying. Only for some mice it helps a little if you enable the “scroll wheel clutch”.

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